Architecture Photography Glass

Architectural Photography of BC Place and the Blu Hotel. 2015


Location photography
Advertising Photo by Stephen Nyran Shot at First Avenue Studios, Animatrik Film Design. 2012


Beautiful BC Portraiture!
Quality Studio Portraiture shot on location. Taking the studio on location has lighting control you can’t get any other way. 2019


Architecture Photograph by Stephen Nyran for Vitrum industries.
Architectural Photography of SFU Campus. Designed by the late Bing Thom, and delivered and executed by Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects).


Fine Commercial Photography of Glass and industrial Metals
Internationally Awarded Photography by the “Printing Industries of Americian”. “Printing industries of British Columbia.” “Printing Industries of the Fraser Valley.”
photo of photographer stephen nyran
Stephen Nyran Photographer

I’ve been a commercial photographer for a few decades now. In earlier photographic studies I’ve loved shooting fashion and textiles advertising. From there I fell in love with photographing products such as Fashion Accessories, Jewellery and Watches. From there I started photographing Industrial Design and Fabrication. My next Love has been here from the beginning. Photographing Glass and metals has been my favourite for 20 years and still is. Products like watches, window glass, jewellery and on and on. My experiences with Kiln Fired Glass with Joel Berman, Industrial Commercial glass with Vitrum Industries, and Aluminum with Apex Aluminum Extrusions has been joyful and extensive. My latest joy is working with Interior Designers. It’s such a natural progression to add to my loves.

Stephen Nyran
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